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BLUE ROCK TALK TV with Connie Willis


This are real investigations for the experience!

You have been Gifted Blue Rock Talk Membership. You are very special to someone. 

All the below rules still apply.

DISCLAIMERS for Blue Rock Talk which includes all its content:

Sometimes activity may not happen. We'll do our best to prevent that with known active hotspots, incredible researchers, establishing my own relationships and camping for longer periods of time. But sometimes activity just does not happen.

Some areas will NOT have a good wifi connection. I'll find a way to keep you abreast by driving up the road or up a mountain for reception, and hopefully purchasing equipment that may work in these areas as the gear gets better and better. Hurry up Elon! :)

If myself or the team feels our lives are in danger beyond our own knowing, we plan to scram. No use feeling that way, there are many other locations to go to without feeling like it's one's last day on Earth.

All shows are subject to change or cancel or at any time for any reason. We've done well since, and will continue too.  But one never knows what elements may come into play that can cancel the show or shows.  Weather, covid, someone cancels on me, etc…. I determine cancellation.

There are no refunds.

Please do not solicit other members in any way with products or to have them on your shows. If you are found bothering another member in any way, you will be kicked out immediately with no refund as stated.

Host Connie Willis may choose to cancel you at any time for any reason she feels fit if you are disrupting other Blue Rockers on or off the show.

There will be no refunds for you or the one that purchased your membership.

We are a "NO-KILL" group inviting entities in to join us, speak with us, show themselves and communicate with us. We are there to experience each other, establish a relationship and pass this on to you at home.

 If you join me on stage or at a location, or send me any video or audio, you are allowing your image and voice, the audio, images and video to be used in the shows and promotion of the shows of Blue Rock Talk and GROK LLC. If you go on location with me, you are there for Blue Rock Talk and all information, evidence, video and audio with all forms of images are that of Blue Rock Talk and Grok LLC.

There will be no drinking during investigations hours. We run a clean, sober research team for authenticity. We are real!

Here's the biggest disclaimer of all: I promise you, your life will change. You will see things differently. Everything you know now will feel like a huuuge lie. You may or may not want that. Think about this, long and hard, before you join. These beings are real! The "Human Experience" as you know it, will be over.

~ Connie🖖 



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"Connie here, of Blue Rock Talk TV and Coast to Coast AM Investigating Earth's Creepiest Hotspots of Bigfoot, Dogman, Strange lights and Hauntings! I do this LiVe Virtually via Video LiveStream and LiVeChAt.

Join me On The Road with Blue Rock Talk TV and my latest Project: Creepy Hotspots! I take you with me virtually, via live stream and live chats, on all nite investigations of hauntings or camping 3-5 nights to secret active Creepy Hotspots where authentic researchers have had encounters with Bigfoot, Dogman, Strange lights and more! 

Stick around for Far Out Thursday discussing Aliens, UFO's, Remote Viewing, Hauntings, Strangelights, and other Far Out topics monthly and the same with Bigfoot Friday but where Bigfoot researchers discuss and display their finds. 

You are there live with everyone chatting to whomever you want! Enjoy all Archived Shows 24/7, extras videos, surprises and become a Blue Rocker! A Blue Rocker is in the Know! We are just like you! You will actually participate in LiVe Investigations and can express your views safely. You also have access to me.
This is not a "101" show and it ain't no Podcast! You're really Investigating with me and other Blue Rockers!"
~ Connie

What you'll get with Blue Rock Talk TV:
Monthly All nite LiVe Investigations of Hauntings, or Camping 3-5 nights in an active Creepy Hotspot with Bigfoot, Dogman or Strange lights! All Virtually via Live Stream and Live Chat. You strategize, theorize and warn us too, of what might be lurking behind me
Monthly Live chats on Thursday with guests discussing Aliens, Remote Viewing, Paranormal stuff and more. You participate from the live chat
Monthly Live chats on Friday with Bigfoot researchers discussing and displaying their finds. You participate from the live chat
🖖 You become a Blue Rocker!
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This are real investigations for the experience and Study!
~ Connie