About and Disclaimers

*** Disclaimers

Dates and times are subject to change at any time. It is up to you to make the scheduled times. If you cannot we will miss you. 

This is a paid show created to enjoy each others company with an adult beverage of your choice. These shows will not be publicly aired or seen in replays. It will be kept privately and made comfortable for you to relax, enjoys others conversations and to have fun.

This show is designed to enjoy each others company from home safely and virtually. By purchasing these virtual bar seats you are promising to be  home, or a place you will stay for the evening and not be driving a vehicle. You are agreeing there will be no liability on the side of Connie Willis, Grok LLC, Blue Rock Talk or Connie After Dark. You are responsible for your own actions. The show will not be aired publicly or replayed unless a judge asks by law. 

If anyone gets unorderly, we will vote to kick you out, or the host, me, will quietly ban you. There will be no refunds or money back if you are kicked out, whether you are a monthly or annual member.

Fee is based per show, or if you go for the Monthly or Annual Subscription

There are no refunds.

By purchasing the show, you are accepting all responsibility for your behaviors, actions and reactions. You are agreeing to stay at home while engaging in the show, and taking responsibility for any and all wrongdoings, with none being given to Blue Rock Talk or other Blue Rockers or entities related to Blue Rock Talk or Connie Willis. You are also stating you are of legal age to drink in the state you reside. 


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CoNNiE's CADeTs!



  • Community of CONNIE AFTER DARK.
  • Meeting several times a month to enjoy drinks with Connie
  • Enjoy time with Connie and other CADets i
  • Meet inside the CAD Virtual Bar
  • Giving for the great cause of her research and studies
  • Guest Bartenders