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Hey ! 

I'm Connie Willis host of BLUE ROCK TALK TV and a weekend Host on The best Radio Show on the Planet, George Noory's COAST TO COAST AM. 

After seeing so many anomalies in my life, I'm in Search of the Truth of Who We are as Humans and Who We Are To The Universe. 

"Things" That are NOT Supposed to Exist Seem to love Existing Around Me. 

Instead of Dismissing this, I prefer to Take it Head on and Learn what it might mean. 


I have many friends and researchers connecting me to their secret HotSpots active with anomalies that cannot be explained.  We all loved hearing Ghost Stories around the Campfire as kids. Now we've grown up and become interested in Sasquatch, Aliens, UFO's, Dogman, Strange Lights and other unexplained anomalies that will actually watch you sit around that campfire. Some of these very large beings are much closer to you than you might think. 

If you'd like to experience these adventures with me, learn what to listen for if they are around you, be taught how to look for them or attract them to you so you can experience possible contact with them like other Blue Rockers and I do, then you have come to the right place. I have fantastic Blue Rocker Buddies that trust me to keep their secret locations a secret. 

Sign up to be a Blue Rocker, that is someone in the know! I'll include you in a fantastic community of like minds on what I call my Journey to the Highest!  Its a project taking you with me to these hotspots virtually via cameras, computers, tablets, apps pictures and live streaming while staying 3-5 nights in these phenomenal areas. I call it PROJECT: CREEPY HOTSPOTS!

Would you want to Investigate active Hotspots With Me? Help me Choose Where to Camp? Figure Out Strategies That Produce Experiences, Sightings or Even Evidence? Would you Like to Learn More about what else Lurks among us and what is beyond? 

Then Sign Up Thanks to the magic of the Internet and Live Streaming and video, You and I can Journey together to areas of High Strangeness via BLUE ROCK TALK TV, becoming more and more "in the know" as Blue Rockers! Hit that Button to sign up Right now to Begin your Journey to The Highest! 

I promise you, your Life will change. (You may or may not want that. Think about this before you join.)

Oh Yeah! One more thing, You don't have to sit in front of the computer all weekend to watch when Blue Rock Talk goes on the Road. I respect you have your own life going on as huge hairy Creatures might want to get closer to me thinking I smell nice. So I'm making BLUE ROCK TALK accessible on all your devices including iOS, Android, MACs, PC and coming soon to streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player.

Sign up now, if you haven't already while spots are available!

~ Connie🖖






🖖You get TOP BLUE ROCK TALK TV shows! And be inside my Blue Rocker Club where we meet others that think like us and where you will get all the updates of what is happening when!

🖖FAR OUT THURSDAY: On select Thursdays I converse with experts, researchers and/or eye witnesses discussing interesting topics from Aliens to Bees making honey "live". You are there in the live chat participating with questions, answers and even going up on stage with me and the guests if you'd like!

🖖BIGFOOT FRIDAY: on select Fridays I converse with Bigfoot researchers and eye witnesses discussing their finds "live" and showing evidence and pics when available. You are there in the live chat participating with questions, answers and even going up on stage with me and my guests if you'd like!

🖖PROJECT CREEPY HOTSPOTS: where I take you with me camping virtually, via live stream and live chats, to secret active creepy hotspots overnight for 3-5 days with authentic researchers of Bigfoot, Dogman, UFOs, ET's, Ghosts, Strange Lights and more across the United States and North America! We also investigate Hauntings live for 10-12 hours overnight! Once again you are with me every step of the way with live streams and live chats keeping an eye out with me and looking over my shoulder too!

You'll be watching "live" safely at home in your jammies interacting with me and the other members while deep in a forest somewhere amongst 12-foot-tall creatures lurking and beams of light shining! You'll help me with strategies, ideas, gear, and so forth to get answers to all this as it happens live!


Your membership also includes…

🖖🏼 My Blue Rocker Community! You’ll become a Blue Rocker! Someone in the know, with over a thousand like-minded others from around the world talking about the things you love to talk about with people that actually “get” it!

🖖🏼 Live in-studio Videos in HD

🖖🏼 Live Streams from remote Creepy HotSpots

🖖🏼 24/7 Access to archived videos categorized nicely when you can't make the live shows        Invade Video Game Sticker by Honda

🖖🏼 Live Chats that are very interactive and fun

🖖🏼 Live Events Interactive Calendar

🖖🏼 Live Stage for in-studio shows and remote Creepy HotSpots

🖖🏼 Extra Scenes, videos, photographs and evidence

🖖🏼 Exclusive videos, chats and evidence you'll only see here

🖖🏼 Special guests, surprises and gifts along the way

🖖🏼 Special Documentaries

🖖🏼 Access to Your favorite researchers, authors and new lifetime Blue Rocker friends forever!

🖖🏼 Access to me!



Your life will change.

You will see things differently.

Everything you know now will feel like a huuuge lie.

You may or may not want that.

Think about this, long and hard, before you join.

These beings are real!

The "Human Experience" as you know it, will be over.

~ Connie🖖 


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